The reproduction will be done by selected mother plants, to ensure the highest yield with a high concentration of active materials. High cannabidiol (CBD) plants will be planted in a separate area in numbered rows, and within five weeks their flowering stage will be reached.

For the first three weeks, vegetative growth is carried out using at least 16 hours of natural light. This results in a maximum growth rate allowing continuous photosynthesis. Being "little day plants", flowering is naturally prevented under this regime. The stage where plants move from relatively low light cultivation to high moisture levels and from propagation to high growth will be carefully considered. It requires careful handling to avoid 'stressing' the young plants, which could cause them to collapse.

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Plant cultivation is done in 10 zones

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Plants in
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Cannabis flowers
per year kg/year
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Total oil

First stage

The root system will develop in the greenhouse, and the developed young seedlings will then be transplanted to another site for their flowering.

second stage

This stage involves sorting and harvesting the developed flowers, which will then separate the flower from the plant stem by special trimming machines and hand processes. The bud will then be treated with a special chamber dryer and stored in an airtight container with a humidity regulator. Part of the dried bud is sent to crushing machines for making tea in sachets, the rest will be used for oil production.

third stage

At the pharmaceutical manufacturing site. The amount of dry material produced is subject to the extraction process achieved by using carbon dioxide (CO2). This is to produce cannabis oil, which element acts as a "regulated" solvent and prolongs the disinfectant duration of product life. The liquefied carbon dioxide is then converted to gas and liquefied through the compressor and is suitable for re-use.

Upon completion of carbon dioxide extraction and the addition of ethanol or alcohol (where excellent retention of terpenes and lipids is achieved), the crude oil is produced, leading to distillation. The distillation equipment process concentrates the oil with all the undesirable substances, which are then subjected to a filtration process to achieve a maximum purity of 90%.

Following is the process of manufacturing medicinal products from oil in dropper packages and capsule production.

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7-11 days
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7-14 days
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8-12 weeks
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4 days
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as required
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4 days
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4 days
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5 days
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as required
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as required
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as required

co2 extraction

The first step in the SFE process is to take gaseous CO2 and run it through a chamber where it will be subjected to extremely low (-56°C) temperatures and enough pressure to cause the gas to change into a fluid. Within this state, CO2 exhibits special properties that, when reheated, and pressurized become supercritical.

The supercritical fluid passes through a chamber containing the raw cannabis material at this state. Because of its unique properties, this supercritical fluid can pass through the raw cannabis very easily while gently dissolving the membrane of the trichomes to capture their many active compounds.

The next phase in the sc-CO2 extraction process occurs when the compound-enriched solvent passes into another pressurized separation vessel. This time the pressures and temperatures will fluctuate to fraction the compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes away.

The separation vessel’s final role in the process is to transport the remaining CO2 to a condenser vessel where the temperature and pressure allow the fluid to stabilize back into a gas. Most industrial-scale extractors will recycle and reuse CO2, a process that is commonly referred to as “closed-loop extraction.”

Once a compound has been fractioned using sc-CO2, it can then be further modified and refined depending on the desired products for the market.

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Potential products

Medical Products - compliant to National Medicine Organization, law 4523/18 and MD 1692/B/18, 2840/B/18
Cannabis Extraction Oils.
High-purity cannabinoid oil in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
High-purity cannabidiol oil (CBD).
THC and CBD-based pharmaceuticals and derivatives
Cannabis oil (orally) diluted with a carrier oil
Cannabis oil drops in liquid form (orally)
Cannabis oil capsules (orally)
Herbal cannabis tea (dried flower)
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