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Greekā€™s medical cannabis cultivation and oil extraction facility


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Marcs Medifarms is a Greek company awarded an establishment license to develop Greenhouse and Production Buildings. The target is to receive the operating license and proceed with the first production to be ready for sale as soon as possible.

The Greek Cannabis market is new in the global cannabis industry with many comparative advantages. Close to ideal climate for cannabis cultivation, legal and institutional framework, and strategic location (EU country with proximity to both the European and pioneering markets).

Our primary objective is to provide confidence that the product will support your extensive distribution capabilities. Secondarily, we will aim to reach peak production capacity as quickly as possible to leverage distribution agreements and exploit rapidly expanding market demands to become a leading EU medical cannabis producer.

Our farm and facilities

Marcs Medifarm is licensed to build a fully automated Greenhouse with a hydroponics system and processing facility to grow Medical Cannabis and produce and distribute final medical products.

The land where the facility will be built is located in Corinth, Greece.

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Our team

The team has diverse skill sets that cover each fundamental aspect of facility design and build-out, including experienced cultivators, systems designers, agronomists, compliance officials, and supply-chain and product experts. We will coordinate efforts with the Greek Government and authorities to ensure our work meets licensing requirements and local / EU regulations. Our team's combined expertise makes us a reliable partner for you.

Our team will make sure to surpass the core standard by working together to establish the best Medical Cannabis farm in Greece. With our combined skills, we will aim to present the best product compliant with the law.

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The Global Market

Public opinion has swung in favor of medical cannabis legislation. As Cannabis can have clear and specific medical benefits for patients.

In ten years, market intelligence firms predict that the global cannabis market will be worth more than USD200bn.